Josh Burlette

Vermont Slate Studio is owned by Josh Burlette. His work features handcrafted slate designs made from reclaimed roofing slate. Each design is inspired by the beauty of Josh’s surroundings in the Stone Valley of Vermont.

Being in the countryside, nature is often the starting point for my creative inspiration. Nature is graphic and dynamic, making the wellspring eternal. In my artwork, I hope to convey a timeless sense of peace and stillness that we all desire in this busy world. – Josh Burlette

Josh started Vermont Slate Studio after participating in a successful community art auction where funds were raised for a new park fountain in his hometown of Fair Haven, VT. The auction required artists to decorate benches. His design featured a seat tiled from 50 handcrafted slate maple leaves. Soon after the auction, Josh began sketching out more designs and founded Vermont Slate Studio.

The Design Process

The design process begins with a sheet of paper and inspiration. Each piece of slate is hand selected for the design. It is then cut using traditional hand tools. Once cut, the design is washed. Finally, a hand-rubbed mineral oil finish is applied.

I love working with old hand tools and use them to mark and cut my slate designs. Although it is a slow and painstaking process, I enjoy the ability to work with the natural qualities of the slate in the most intimate way possible. Each design takes shape as a result of an interaction between myself and the specific piece of slate. – Josh Burlette

Today, Vermont Slate Studio designs can be found in city lofts, lakeside cottages and everywhere in between. Josh’s original maple leaf designs are his most popular and bestselling pieces. You may contact Josh to order stock or custom designs directly from his studio.

***Books are closed.***